Building contractors get mobile!


The introduction of apps has forever changed the way our society functions. You seemingly can’t even go to the toilet anymore or tie your shoelaces without needing an app to streamline the process. Perhaps the greatest contribution apps have made, however, is providing us with new ways to connect. While apps like Tinder and Grinder define ‘connection’ in very specific ways, there are many platforms out there that allow professionals to connect within their industries, network with peers and find new customers.

Introducing Workyard

What is Workyard? The app is essentially a networking platform on your mobile that allows tradespeople to connect with individuals in need of contractors. Simple, right? The main advantage of this new mobile application is the ability it gives users to pick and choose their contractors by viewing profiles and looking at examples of previous work.

This has a twofold advantage. Not only does it allow home and business owners to select a tradie or other contractor based on their skill, it also allows builders and construction professionals to get recognised for their work, and rewarded for it. This is beneficial for the industry as a whole as it has the potential to set new quality benchmarks and will encourage individuals to upskill and ensure they deliver work at a consistently high standard.


Another innovative application designed for the workforce, Fieldwire is fast, free and even works offline. Its features include accessing blueprints, sharing floor plans with your project team members, task management and much more.

Contractors Apps

This app development company offers a number of applications for tradies and site managers alike. Containing multiple functions in the one convenient location, it allows tradies to access their site diary; change orders and RFIs; record quotes and tender requests and much more. This is an example of the benefits that come with using an app made in Australia for Australians. Other apps designed by international companies haven’t got the same firsthand knowledge that Aussie app developers have, meaning the local relevance of their products is subpar.

Are apps replacing tools?

There are even applications out there, such as Handyman Calculator and Buildcalc, that provide tradies with access to construction calculators and equations to assist them in their day-to-day work. While many of these apps cost money, their positive reviews reflect that users find them convenient and economical in the long run.

As technology continues to evolve, we may find even more ways for applications to streamline and improve the building and construction industry.