Meet Monika Krstevski – Certificate IV in Building and Construction


Monika Krstevski was six months into a diploma in filmmaking and photography when she realised the course was just not for her.

“Throughout Year 12 I focused on my arts and really flourished in that, so I thought, ‘This is what I want to do.’ And then I got six months in and absolutely hated it. There was so much theory behind it and I really wanted to do practical work.”

Monika went through some soul-searching before deciding what to do next, inspired, in part, by a strong family history in the trades.

“I grew up with my cousins and uncle being in the building industry, and whenever they spoke about work my ears sort of pricked up and it really intrigued me. But I thought, ‘It’s probably not for me. I’m a female.’ So I never spoke to them about it. But then getting older I just thought, ‘Why not?’”

Monika is now studying a Certificate IV in Building and Construction with Builders Academy Australia, as well as working as a Building Support Coordinator with JG King Homes, managing residential projects.

The day-to-day of the role involves providing support to many different site supervisors.

“I’m basically their backbone and whenever they need anything they come to me or the construction manager.”

Monika supports these site supervisors to check plans and contracts and raise variations, as well as distributing purchase orders, planning and assisting clients with their queries.

She has found a positive working environment valuable in managing this busy and varied role.

“It’s like a massive family, we all help each other as much as we can.”

When asked what it is about her job she loves so much, Monika replies that it is, “So much more than just admin.”

“Admin deal with clients and clients only, while the site supervisor will deal with the build. But as Building Support Coordinator you’re a lot more involved in the build, which is what really brought me into JG King.”

Monika and supervisor Glenn Ferguson (pictured) generously invited BAA to view a build in Mickleham which is at her favourite stage of a project – the steel frame.

“It really intrigues me because obviously it’s the most solid part of the house. Then you can start to picture the house and see the rooms. I really want to know what goes where and how it comes together.”

Monika says she would embrace the opportunity to work as a Building Supervisor.

“I think that’s why I wanted to do this course. I speak to the building supervisors on a daily basis, and just hearing what they deal with and the hustle and bustle of the building industry is what I love.

“I want to help our customers build their ‘forever homes.’”

Monika has positive things to say about her BAA trainer, Paul Payet.

“He’s very knowledgeable. We have a similar sense of humour which he always says is really worrying because he makes so many Dad jokes!

“But he’s so supportive and whenever you need him he’s there. Having been in the industry he’s made so many contacts so networking is one of his strong points.”

Monika says prospective BAA students should expect flexibility in completing their course, but to also be prepared to work hard.

“Go in with a strong sense of what you want to achieve and be willing to do the hard yards. And if you need anything, definitely don’t be shy to ask for help.”

Monika’s own attitude toward hard work has clearly paid off and now, when her family members talk about work, she feels confident to add her voice.

“When we do have birthdays together that’s the topic of conversation: Work, work, work! Which is really fun because now I can contribute to that, having learnt as much as I have in the past year.”

Monika, your resilience and drive inspire us! Thank you for letting us come on site, hear your story and view a forever home in the making.

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