Meet Michael Malone – Certificate IV in Building Construction


Michael Malone moved to Australia eight years ago, seeking work in construction. Unfortunately when a recession swept through his homeland of Ireland, Michael was left without a job. Without knowing where the decision to move Down Under would take him, it was Michael’s resilience and passion for construction that sealed the deal.

Before making his move halfway around the world, Michael had been doing formwork and electrical work in Ireland. So continuing along this career pathway seemed like the right thing to do. And it turned out pretty well for him. “I’ve now been in Australia for eight years doing formwork, commercial formwork and some civil construction. Australia has offered me work and with the addition of study, has allowed me to stay afloat.”

Arriving with 12 years of experience under his belt, Michael wanted to match up his time on-site with the right qualification. He was referred by a friend to upskill and start his journey with Builders Academy Australia.

“My main motivation for starting my Certificate IV was to upskill and give myself better job prospects for the future. Moving to Australia has presented many opportunities for me to further my knowledge and pursue my passion.”

Our CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) is the first step toward starting your own building business and preparing for builders registration. For a working tradie like Michael, this opportunity was too good to pass up.

Mateship and teamwork

Michael thoroughly enjoys his position today and loved completing his Certificate IV, owing his success to “companionship with fellow workers and students” Mateship and teamwork is something that we at BAA live for!

Coming in contact with a broad range of trainees, all working in different fields, our apprentices are exposed to a diverse workplace, and make friends across many industries. “The environment and classwork was enjoyable. The boys in class help each other out. Seeing the boys regularly was definitely a highlight and inspired me to keep striving.”

Creating a fun and educational workspace is something we pride ourself on here at BAA.

Taking his career to new heights

Michael describes his proud history working within the industry. “I take pride in my work and complete work to a high quality. When I started in the industry 12 years ago, my interest was in making a bit of money. A friend helped me get a job initially and then it went from there. I jumped from job to job and eventually I was told by many that I should look into getting my Cert IV and Diploma.”

After bouncing around the industry for a few years, BAA helped Michael work toward specific building career goals.

“BAA gave me the confidence to just go for it. My advice for anyone thinking of undertaking qualifications for Cert IV with BAA, is just go for it!! I would definitely recommend it! Everyone is such a great help and they really guide you through the whole process.”

With the prospect of starting his Diploma of Building and Construction in September 2019 Michael is taking his career in construction to new heights. In the future Michael wants to become a registered builder and hopes to gain a position in management. The Certificate IV and diploma will most definitely help him achieve that! Good on you Michael! We can’t wait to see where you go in the coming years.

“Builders Academy Australia helped me alot with the business end of things. It taught me about the administration parts of the job like having everything in writing, how to do your invoice, how to read the drawings and how to calculate the costs.”

“My favourite thing about doing the Cert IV is the environment and seeing the boys in class. We all help each other out and offer knowledge.”

Thanks for chatting with us, Michael! Your Irish accent brought a smile to our faces and we can’t wait for you to kick start your Diploma this September.