Chippy TV Ep. 3: Take the Next Step in Your Construction Career



Peter Christodoulou:

Hi my name is Peter. I’ve recently completed, actually two diplomas with Builder’s Academy. They were both online which I found really easy to do and thoroughly enjoyed them.

The surprising thing for me was with the diploma, I initially thought it was going to be the real basics of construction framing, how the house gets put together, but surprisingly it was really none of that. It’s more how to effectively run a successful business. And a lot of it is, teaching you how to research information, how to find, how to solve problems.

What will I gain from the Diploma?

Construction is such a dynamic format that it’s forever changing. You need to keep up to date with regulations, and methods and systems. Doing a diploma is certainly an eye opening from that sense. It allows you to follow that path of becoming a registered building practitioner. And with the DBU and what that will do is remove yourself from more of a day to day construction. And on the tools to more on the management side. I think that’s what the diploma does. That’s what Builders Academy teaches you is how to effectively run the business.

How was the online course?

I really didn’t know what to expect with an online course. It was amazing. I’m not, again probably being a little bit older not that tech savvy. But off to JB-Hi Fi, set a headphone with a microphone and plug them into your computer and away you go. Honestly, I thoroughly recommend Builders Academy. I didn’t think it would turn out the way did I thought it was all a bit gimmicky and they’re just trying to rope me in to make a dollar from somewhere but it actually really turned out really well. The knowledge that you learn, the education. So I never thought that I’d be at my age, back to school learning. But in fact that’s, you know, when you have that education, that knowledge, it just opens up a whole other area for you. I am looking forward to the next phase.