For this week’s ‪#‎ShowUsYourTool‬, we went on site to a Simonds Homes project to interview a bricklayer. Check out the gallery for Frank’s take on being his own boss and doing the job right.

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CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)

Name: Frank Brancatisano
Trade: Bricklayer
Tool of the trade: Trowel and hammer

Frank Bricklayer 2

“I’ve been a bricklayer for roughly 18 years. I started off as a labourer and I enjoyed doing that, and then I started laying bricks and found I had a passion for it. Then I started my own business.”
Frank Bricklayer 3

“Trowel and hammer are the tools I use the most. Even as the boss, they’re the tools you always go back to. Why are they important? Because that’s how you lay bricks.

I have a certain brand and size of trowel I go for every time. When the side wears down, you go and buy a new one, every six months or so.”

Frank Bricklayer 4
“I have four people working under me. A job like this takes roughly seven days. Sometimes other trades will come in: electricians, the fix and lock-up guys, the plasterers… but we all interact and work together.”
Frank Bricklayer 5
“Everyone can become their own boss. It just depends on the way you work and if you have the knowledge and experience to do it.”
Frank Bricklayer 6
“I have to make sure my employees’ work is up to my standards, otherwise this job won’t be as good as the previous job. I make sure I let them know how to do it, and I always give people a go, but if after three or four times I’m still telling them the same thing then I find someone who can do it right.”
Frank Bricklayer 7
“I’m better than when I started, but I’m the same as six years ago in terms of skill level. You hit a level, and then you have to keep it the same. We always try and do the best job we can. You’ve got to do it right, just do it right.” Legend. Thanks Frank!

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