Meet Nick Fromhold – Certificate IV in Building and Construction


Starting a business is a big decision for anyone to make. Since Nick started a Certificate IV in Building and Construction at Builders Academy Australia, making that decision has become a lot easier.

“I was nervous about doing it myself.” Nick said when we spoke to him recently.

Thanks to BAA, and some help from his best mate, Nick has overcome his nerves and moved closer to his dream of becoming a registered builder.

From Carpenter to Builder

The limitations on what carpenters can and can’t build put a ceiling on how far Nick can go with a Cert III. Nick could start a business now, but he would either be limited to smaller jobs or to a sub-contractor working for a licensed builder.

This is one of the reasons Nick says that becoming a builder is, “Definitely on the cards.”

This meant that Nick was eager to get qualified with his Cert IV and apply for his building license. Nick discovered BAA, and the Certificate IV in Building and Construction, which appealed to him because of how it would prepare him for business ownership.

“It sets you up with business and operation plans. Just everything you’d need to be able to run a business and not go broke.”

Still, the idea of going back to study can be nerve-racking after so many years outside the classroom. Nick felt like he would definitely be more comfortable studying if he could do it with a mate.

“You can work together a bit.” he says.

Luckily for Nick, his best mate, Brooke Moses, is also a carpenter.

“We met in London, four or five years ago. Ended up on the same site together,” Nick says. “We became mates ever since.”

“I was encouraging Brooke because I was nervous about doing it myself. If I do it, then he might as well too.”

Getting it Done

There are definite advantages to studying with your best mate.

“It’s a lot more fun, there’s a lot more banter involved. You’re always able to help each other because you don’t feel as bad as you would bugging people you don’t really know.”

Nick says that the Certificate IV at BAA has been a lot different from what he expected. The course helps students master basic computer skills needed for the job and teaches them how to navigate the regulations by themselves so that they can feel more confident in making decisions.

Bosco, one of the BAA trainers who teaches the Cert IV says that one of the aims is to, “Make students feel as confident on a computer as they are on a hammer.”

BAA trainers know how to help tradies in this way because they come from trade backgrounds and understand the industry well.

“He’s different. The trainer’s different,” Nick says. “He’s good. He loves to have a laugh. He keeps everyone entertained but when it’s time to knuckle down and study everyone knuckles down and does the work. Then we go back to having a laugh again.”

Nick says that this approach has really changed the way he thinks about studying for his Cert IV.

“You just want to enjoy coming here. That’s the big positive we get out of it. To actually want to come to class. You never really dread it.”

building and construction

Building a Future

“This course has shown us how you’d go about running a business once you become a registered builder. It sets you up with a business plan, operation plans. Just everything you’d need to be able to run a business and not go broke. “

After his time at BAA, Nick is closer to becoming a builder. Since he convinced Brooke to study with him, he reckons he can convince him to go into business as well.

“Definitely on the cards. We’ve always worked well together so it makes sense.”

Like studying, going into business with someone else means that you can share the load.

“Yeah, we’d definitely love to set up our own building company once we get registered. We’ve always worked well together as a team. Two people would make it way easier than one.”

Each of them has their own strengths, which makes them a good team.

“Finishing is him, framing is me. I’ll get it up out of the ground and he’ll finish it.”

In the end, the new opportunities make the Cert IV completely worth it.

“You’re interested in building, that’s why you’re here. You’re not doing English, you’re not doing maths. It’s actually something you want to achieve and get something out of.”

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