Meet Kirsty – Construction Manager Simonds Homes


Kirsty is no stranger to BAA. This is Kirsty’s second course with us and she’s recently been nominated for Student of the Year.

Like many other women, Kirsty feared breaking into the trade industry because she was worried she wouldn’t fit in. With grit, determination, and support from her employer, she is now a respected Construction Manager at Simonds Homes for over 5 years.

Hi I’m Kirsty O’Connor, construction manager at Simonds Home. I’ve worked at Simonds for five years. So today we’re in Truganina completing the frame QA for a house that we’re currently completing. I love my job because it varies day to day. I get to see supervisors grow in their role. I get to see clients, get their homes, their dreams finally come together. And watching the connection between the supervisor and the client and you just enjoy that role. As a construction manager, I support four supervisors in their journey to building client homes. So I work with them daily, check on all the QAs. If there’s any road blocks, we’ll fix it up. Meet with our clients, let them see what progress we’re in. I work with our trades and suppliers as well.

My journey in Builders Academy for my Diploma of Building and Construction and Leadership Management is nearly complete. It’s been a great journey. I’ve learnt a lot, had a lot of fun. Just feel so much better about yourself because you’re giving yourself a good opportunity in the future.

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