Meet Ben – Diploma of Leadership & Management


Collingwood Football Club gave its employees an opportunity to take a few courses with Builders Academy Australia. Ben grabbed this chance to pursue his professional development with a Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB51918).

Hi, my name is Ben and I’m doing the Diploma of Leadership Management with Builders Academy Australia. So I chose BAA because they actually partnered with Collingwood Football Club and they offered us a few courses to go around and get involved with them. So I thought it would be very stupid not to get onboard with them.

So my main motivation for undertaking the qualification was just progressing myself in the industry. Being fairly fresh in it, I wanted to really have something that gave me a leg up against everyone else. And I figured this was a really good opportunity to do so. 

I was surprised the Builders Academy did offer that Diploma of Leadership Management. Originally, I did think that it was just sort of construction company, but when I found out that they did other aspects of life, I thought that was really good and something I was definitely very keen to jump onboard with. 

The advice that I would give to anyone taking the course would just be to get involved with it. Originally working full time, I thought I might struggle a little bit to keep on top of it all but Builders Academy has just made it really easy to, you know, keep on top of it all, keep up to date with it, really a lot of support so It’s been really great.

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