5 Quick Tips to Balancing your Personal Life and Studies


Studying as an adult isn’t easy. You’ve got a million commitments and things to do, from work to family. Studying building and construction certificates can be hard because you’re probably working as a tradie, or maybe trying to start your own business. So how do you balance your career and personal life? Follow the tips below and you should be one step closer to achieving work-life balance.

Tip #1 Manage family commitments

One of the biggest challenges that come with studying building and construction certificates is having to balance family life. The good news is that you can balance both family life and your studies. The first step is communication.

Be clear with your partner and your family about what your study responsibilities are going to look like. Tell how much time you’re going to need to go to classes and do homework. Once your family is aware of how much time you need and what your commitment looks like, they’ll be more understanding and helpful. They won’t be hurt when you need to say No.

The next thing you can do is allocate time to spend with your partner and your family. For example, you could make Sunday afternoon “family time” or Friday night “date night”. Allocate the best time that works for your schedule.

Tip #2 Be organised

Are you a “play it by ear” type of person? We hate to break it to you but being organised is extremely important when studying. You need to be organised to get things done on time.

Don’t worry, being organised is not as daunting (or as boring) as you might think. Here are some effortless ways that you can be more organised:

  • Create a schedule and stick to it. Once you start saying, “oh I’ll do it later” the tasks build up and become unmanageable. Sticking to a schedule keeps your workload manageable and leaves time to unwind.
  • Forget nerdy planner diaries. Put your schedule in your phone using an application like Google Calendar. That way you never leave it at home, and you can even set up reminders.
  • Create a space to study. After a long day at work, it can be tempting to do your homework on the couch in front of the TV, but this is going to work against you. Minimise distractions by putting a desk in the spare room or the garage, somewhere away from family and TV.
  • Plan for the unexpected. Set aside extra time that can be used for study, family or other commitments in case something unexpected comes up.
  • Don’t leave things to the last minute. By getting things done before they are due, you will save yourself a lot of stress, and also be prepared in case of interruptions to your schedule.

certificate in building and construction

Tip #3 Manage work commitments

Work is another big challenge to completing your studies, especially when trying to do building and construction certificates. You could be trying to do your Certificate IV in Building and Construction while working as a tradie.

Achieving a work-life balance means managing your work and study commitments. It’s a good idea to work and study part-time if you can. That said, we also understand that sometimes you can’t cut down your work hours. So in this case, studying part-time would be the best option. For example, you could take your Certificate IV in Building and Construction part-time, with classes on just two nights per week. This gives you the flexibility to manage a busy work schedule.

It’s also a good idea to inform your boss that you are studying. Again, communication is important because if your boss is aware of your commitments, they are less likely to ask you to do things that you don’t have the time for. Importantly, know your boundaries and learn to say No to unreasonable demands.

Tip #4 Leave time for yourself

Imagine waking up in the morning to go to work, coming home in the evening to study, falling asleep exhausted, and waking up to do the whole thing all over again. Hard to stay motivated, isn’t it? Setting aside time for yourself will not only keep you motivated, it’ll keep you sane as well.

Take time to do things you enjoy, whether that’s vegetating, playing sports, or having a beer with mates. This is also a way to reward yourself and stay mentally healthy. You also want to exercise regularly to keep your body healthy. With regular exercise, you’ll be less tired and less likely to get sick.

Tip #5 Remember your goals

Another way to keep your spirits high during this busy period of your life is by remembering your reasons for studying. Once you get your qualification, whether that’s a Certificate IV in Building and Construction or something else, you’ll be able to earn more money, advance your career, or even start your own business.

Studying building and construction certificates, like the Certificate IV in Building and Construction, is a huge commitment. While it will be challenging, you can be successful in your studies with the proper work-life balance. By following the advice in this article, you’ll be able to keep your boss and your partner happy, while taking the next step in your career.

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