How much does it cost to do an Online Building Course


How to do a tuition-free qualification in building and construction

Thinking of doing one of our online building and construction courses? 

While building courses such as trades certificates must be taken in person as you learn hands-on skills, other building and construction courses can be taken online. 

Let’s explore some of your online study options if you want to work in the construction industry.

Online building and construction courses at BAA

While trades certificates can’t be done online, some of our courses can. 

Our online courses include the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) (CPC40120). 

This course teaches you how to become a supervisor or manager on a construction site. 

You also learn the skills to become a registered builder and how to start your own business if you want to. 

We also offer online delivery of the Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) (CPC50220)

Similar to the Certificate 4 in Building and Construction, this course teaches you how to become a supervisor, manager or business owner. 

The difference between them is that the certificate 4 qualifies you to do residential projects while the diploma qualifies you to do more complex mid-rise residential projects. 

Online study modes

There are two different ways to do your online building course. 

Your first option is the virtual classroom which is like a regular classroom but online. 

You attend your lessons at set times via the internet and have the ability to talk and interact in real time through your screen. 

This option could appeal to you if you like having some structure to your studies just as you would in an in-person course. 

Your other option is self-paced building courses

Unlike the virtual classroom you don’t attend classes at set times but instead watch pre-recorded lessons whenever you want to. 

This option gives you even more flexibility to do your studies when it suits you best, no matter the time of day or your location. 

Even though lessons are pre-recorded and you don’t interact with people in real time, you still have the ability to contact your trainers by phone or message to ask questions. 

Self-paced learning is good for disciplined and self-motivated people but the virtual classroom option is better if you need more structure to stay on track. 

Online building course fees

For eligible students based in Victoria, you can do building and construction courses online tuition free as part of the government’s free tafe. 

Both the Certificate 4 and Diploma of Building and Construction are covered by the FREE TAFE program which means they’re subsidised by the government.

So why are they free?

There are a lot of jobs available as building supervisors and mangers and not enough workers to fill them. 

So if you’ve always wanted a leadership role in construction with a great salary then there’s never been a better time to get your qualification. 

If you’re not eligible for free TAFE you could various payment plans and student loans on offer. 

View our building course fees to find out how much you will pay based on your location and circumstances. 

Benefits of doing an Online Building Course

BAA have a long history of delivering building courses online.  Even before the covid pandemic made studying online more popular, we offered online building and construction courses to our students. 

We’ve trained up hundreds of students via the online model to help them fit study into their busy lives and juggle other commitments. 

For example, if you already work full time and want to take the next step in your career, you could study one of our online building courses after work. 

If you live in a remote or regional area, an online building course would allow you to get your training and qualifications without driving long distances. 

How to do an Online Building Course tuition-free

How much you pay for an online building course will depend on where in Australia you live and what your circumstances are. 

If you’re an eligible Victorian, you could do a Certificate IV or Diploma of Building and construction for tuition-free.

Do the free cert 4 or diploma if you want a leadership role in an area of construction that has plenty of jobs.

Thinking of doing one of our online building and construction courses? Find out if you’re eligible for FREE TAFE on 1300 534 363 (LEGEND) or request a callback today.