This week we caught up with Lisa Frame-Hardy, who’s the student welfare coordinator here at BAA and a big supporter of all our students and trainers.

Name: Lisa Frame-Hardy

Job: Student Welfare Coordinator at Builders Academy

“I’ve been with Builders Academy for a year. I have a training background of 10 years. I have Diploma of Community Services, specialising in psychology and counselling.”

“My dad is a builder, he has had a shop-fitting business all my life – a family business. So I understand what the students do day-to-day. A lot them work in the building industry and, like all tradies, they are up very early and work hard.

“Then they attend evening classes and I find that really inspirational.”

“I visit the classes about a month to six weeks into the course schedule, which gives time for the students and trainer to get to know each other and settle into the routine.

“I introduce myself to the class and give them an overview of my role, which involves providing support if they are experiencing any issues that are preventing them from attending class.”

“It’s a great job. I love it. My favourite part is coming out to the classes and meeting with the students and the trainers.”

“I think it is important to make a connection with the students and trainer. They see slides of me at the student induction on their first night, so they know that there is a welfare person there for them from the start. But it’s good to make that real-life connection so, if a student needs to call, they know who they are talking to.”

“I hand out my business cards. They can contact me by phone, email or text.

“Sometimes it can be that a student has been unwell and missed a few classes, so I need to transfer them to another class. The student may be experiencing a personal or family situation and they just want to have chat.

“If a student misses a few classes or is getting behind in their assessments, I’m the link. I will organise student services to make contact with them and to transfer, if necessary, into another class.”

“I’m support for the students but also for the trainers. They keep me in the loop and I keep in touch with them regularly. I’ll talk to the trainers and look at the class attendance. This gives me an opportunity to get in touch with students before they feel overwhelmed.”

“The ultimate goal is for the student to have the best experience and feel supported in their BAA journey.”

Thanks Lisa. Legend!

If you’ve got any questions about the enrolment process, course and funding options, or the student experience at Builders Academy, feel free to give the team a call on 1300 534 363 or drop us a line here