Barefoot Bowls with BAA’s Cert IV in Building and Construction Classes


Bowls, BBQ, and Beverages.

After a challenging but rewarding year of hitting the site and the classroom, one of our trainers Bosco and his Cert IV classes spent their final class kicking back and enjoying one of the many perks of studying with BAA. Trading the tools and classroom for barefoot bowls, beverages, and a bbq.

BAA's Certificate IV Class

Keen to see how the year had progressed for our students, we went along to the Melbourne Bowls Club to have a chat.

When we arrived the boots were off, the bowls were out and the barbie was blazing.

BAA's Certificate IV Class

A Quick Chat To The Cert IV in Building and Construction Class

Immediately it was easy to see that one of the major draw factors for studying the Cert IV in Building and Construction at BAA wasn’t just the in-class material. A clear bond had formed between classmates, a sentiment that was echoed by everyone we spoke to.

“It might be daunting at the start, but it’s worth it. I had a couple of buddies doing it and they said it was really good. All the people here are really nice and we all have a lot in common.”

BAA’s Cert IV in Building and Construction Classes

Even with a wide range of students at different stages in both the Cert IV  and their careers, there was a strong running theme in the advice given.

“I’ve just been in the trade for 10 years now and I just wanted to further my knowledge in the industry. There’s a clear pathway to furthering yourself in the industry.”

“I’d recommend the Cert IV in Building and Construction because it has a very friendly environment and it’s furthering my studies and helping me progress in my career.”

“There’s nothing bad about furthering your career whilst learning useful things about the industry that you’re working in.”

Building and Construction Classes

Along with the camaraderie that had formed within the students, there was also an appreciation of the in-class material and the qualified trainers that run the course.

“You learn all the stuff you don’t learn on the site as a tradesman. The behind the scenes sort of stuff. The business side of the industry –  that’s the stuff you don’t learn when you’re on the tools.”

Thanks for having us down for a chat! We’re glad you enjoyed the year and it is great to see the mates made and banter had. We are looking forward to taking that next step with you in 2019!

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