5 Ways to Make Building Training Work for You


We’re here to tell you that studying is good for you.

No surprises, but studying helps you earn a higher income and get more personal satisfaction from your job. 

Never has there been a better time to do building training, with eligible individuals able to have their tuition fees partially or fully subsidised through the state and federal governments. Through Victorian Skills First Funding, we can offer our courses to eligible students tuition fee free. So why not upskill before the post-covid economy takes off?

“Hang on”— you say— “Studying isn’t exactly easy…” True! If you’ve struggled with your building training, don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

Let’s talk about some of the challenges and what you can do to overcome them. 

1. Managing time

Is your day job taking up all your time or do your work hours conflict with the class times? If time constraints are holding you back, consider studying building and construction courses online.

Online building courses give you ultimate flexibility to study at home and after hours. No need to take time off work to attend your classes, you can do your lessons and activities when and where it suits you. 

2. Improve your focus

Been a while since you studied? No problem. Many of our students haven’t been to school in years. We’ve got plenty of experience in helping trades focus on their training.

Check out these 5 Quick Tips for Balancing Your Personal Life and Studies

3. Say adios to commutes

Are you living in a rural or regional area and don’t have a convenient training location nearby? Again, building and construction courses online are your friend. These online courses are perfect for people who can’t commute long distances to learn (or don’t want to!).

4. Get support

Sometimes, you just need help from an actual person. At BAA, we have Student Welfare Coordinators who give you guidance, advice and tips. Find them at our on campus support centres or ring up to ask questions.

Our BAA trainers are also very friendly and highly experienced in their industries. They’ve been through many of the same paths and challenges as you might be facing. Your trainers will be available to answer your questions, and help explain anything you don’t quite get.

5. Discover your career path

Maybe you want to get off the tools but you’re not sure what career path to follow. Whether it’s becoming a carpenter, registered builder, supervisor or manager, we can help you make the right decision.

By looking at other students’ stories, you can see how they made building training work for them, even when they worked full time or started training later in life. See our success stories below or browse our blog which contains many more.

Construction courses – Three success stories

Tim Clarke

Tim started as an apprentice carpenter because he loved working with his hands. After doing a few construction courses with BAA, he climbed up the ranks into supervisor and manager roles. 

Tim also did a mentorship program with BAA, which helped him get his Domestic Building Unlimited licence.

Today, Tim is the general manager of Chatsworth Constructions. He earns more than he did during his carpenter days and thoroughly enjoys his career.

Read the full version of Tim’s story.

Steven Thompson

Steven started out in construction more than 30 years ago. He started as a shopfitter and moved into carpentry and subcontracting.

Steven wanted to become a foreman, but when he first tried looking for foreman work, he didn’t have much luck. He decided to do construction courses with BAA, as it allowed him to upskill while continuing his day job.

By upskilling with BAA, Steven was able to land his job as a foreman for the award-winning construction company Lyons Construction in Geelong.

Find out how he made it happen in Steven’s Story.

Trevor White

Trevor owned his own carpentry business for 10 years before realising he wanted to get his builders licence. 

He started his Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) CPC40120 with BAA to boost his career. He also learned a lot through our mentorship program, which improved his chances of gaining his licence. 

Read Trevor’s Story to find out more. 

How make building training work for you

There are plenty of challenges and obstacles that can hold you back from your building training. Whatever it is, trust us, we’ve seen it all before. 

Whether it’s time, work-life balance, commutes or an inability to stay focused, at BAA we support our students through our student welfare coordinators, mentors, and trainers who actually care.

Got questions about our building and construction courses? Our friendly staff can help. Call 1300 LEGEND or fill out our enquiry form today.