Meet Fiona – Cert III Carpentry


As a qualified construction manager, Fiona is keen to learn the practical skills in building and construction. Find out what she enjoys about studying her Certificate III in Carpentry (CPC30220) at BAA.

Hi I’m Fiona Fowler. I’m doing my Cert III in Carpentry through Builders Academy and you’re here at one of our job sites which is Laburnum Street, Brighton. I have been in the construction agency now for ten years. Actually I was a qualified construction manager. So I could build your house on paper, put it in other practical skills. So I decided to enroll as an apprentice.

We are doing an alteration and an addition the owners have opted to keep the front facade and have extended at the back, putting a second storey on.

Builders Academy has been amazing. The whole process of enrolling, signing up, having the trainers come out, it’s seamless and it fits in with our work schedule and the way we run things here. 

The skills I’ve learned would be using most of the power tools, actually. Getting used to knowing where all the pieces go in a 3D world. So, from the starting with foundations up to frame to lockup and final fix.

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