Ask Bob: How Do I Protect My Tools?


Bob is back! This month’s post sees Bob solving the problem of keeping hold of what’s yours.

Dear Bob,

I’ve been working for a while and have accumulated a pretty strong set of tools but, as my arsenal grows, I find myself worrying about them getting pinched more and more. What can I do to be sure my stuff is safe?

Thanks mate,


G’day Keith.
It’s great to hear you take pride in looking after your tools. A good builder is only as good as his tools, after all.

First of all, prevention is better than cure. In this case, that means securely storing your tools to deter potential thieves. Leaving tools visible through vehicle windows or not locked up effectively put you at risk for robbery, so using a quality lock up box for on your ute or at the work site, or a lockable tool storage system inside your van, is invaluable in protecting your stuff.

Speaking of your ute or van, it goes without saying that a good alarm system for your a security light that shines over where you park can also save you a lot of hassle in the long run, too.

Aside from doing your best to make sure your tools aren’t the ones the thieves are taking, good insurance is a great investment for any tradie with his or her own tools. If you work for a business this tends to be covered by your boss (although it always pays to make sure what you’re covered for), but if you are a sub-contractor or work for yourself it’s on you to make sure you’re insured.

Sadly mate, tool theft is part of being a tradie but, if you do what you can to cover your bases, even if it is you who is targeted you should be right pretty quickly.

Hope this helps, Keithy. Keep up the good work.

Your mate,