Chippy TV Ep.4: Builders Training Builders



Graham Howes:

My name is Graham Howes. I’m a trainer for Builders Academy Australia.  I am currently taking classes or training in the diploma of building and construction. I’ve been in the construction industry for about twenty years. That’s the commercial side of things, residential and now I’m in the training side of the construction industry.

What does the course cover?

So the course covers residential and commercial side of the construction industry. Some of the outcomes will be in regards to understanding loads, codes, standards, very good general knowledge for a person to gain, who’s looking to or is in the construction industry.

What is the workload like?

The structure of the course is predominately two nights per week. It’s a Monday or a Wednesday, Tuesday or a Thursday. And then you’re required to do some work outside of those class hours. It’s usually three and a half hours per night and depending on your skills and ability, you may be involved in needing to do two to ten hours of prep work. A great course to assist someone who is new to the construction industry, who has even been in it for a while. But this may lead to you obtaining a builders license. It may lead to you becoming a site manager and, or a project manager.

There is the online facility available if that best suits you. I personally take face-to-face groups and the groups may vary between ten and twenty people.

What skills will I gain?

Look, I strongly recommend any person to do the course. I think this is a great opportunity to expand in your knowledge, in the construction industry. It will help you in other aspects of your career. One will be communication, two will be IT skills, and three it will help you to become a better manager of your time.

The state of the construction industry at the moment is strong, that’s from a commercial and domestic perspective. From what I’ve read, and seen and heard, I think it’s a great, a great career move to move into the construction industry.