Eliza’s Journey: Breaking Barriers as a Woman in Construction with BAA


Meet Eliza, an incredible tradie who has broken barriers to embark on a rewarding career in the  construction industry. Eliza first became interested in building and construction when she would go with her dad to the worksite. With her dad’s encouragement and fueled by her passion for the industry, Eliza kicked off her construction career with BAA.

Certificate of Final Inspection: Ensuring Construction Quality Every Step of the Way


One crucial step in the construction process is the Certificate of Final Inspection. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the significance of this, provide a helpful Certificate of Final Inspection checklist to ensure a thorough inspection, and share valuable tips on how to build a quality home from the start. 

Dreaming of Business Ownership? Hear Joseph’s Journey with Builders Academy Australia


Have you always wanted to be a  construction manager? Joseph is a passionate tradesperson who grew up dreaming of becoming a registered builder. Joseph’s connection with the construction industry started early in life.