New Melbourne Super Tower will Overshadow ANZAC Shrine


The seemingly never-ending race for the title of Australia’s tallest tower will most likely be an on-going one as yet more super towers are planned in the coming years. Work has already begun on Melbourne’s latest monster skyscraper – the Australia 108 – which when complete, will become the southern hemisphere’s tallest apartment building at 319 meters.

However, this latest building project has come up against some flak from Vietnam veterans who have declared the new tower will cast a shadow over the ANZAC Shrine of Remembrance. A report has shown that on winter afternoons, the building will overshadow the Shrine for 15 each day.

The government’s response?

When contacted with concerns about the new development, Planning Minister Matthew Guy claimed the Australia 108 tower he approved would not shade the Shrine. He also stated that the government’s new planning laws for the Shrine protected it from being overshadowed.

However, as a shadow study commissioned by Greensphere Consulting found, an existing South Bank 72-level skyscraper, Prima Pearl, already casts a shadow over the Shrine. The study also stated that Australia 108, and an 82-level tower not yet approved would also overshadow the Shrine on winter afternoons.


Australia 108 will only temporarily hold the title of Australia’s tallest tower 

When completed, Australia 108 will boast the title of ‘tallest’ home in the southern hemisphere. While the Q1 Tower on the Gold Coast may be taller in total height, coming in at 322 meters, it is only occupied up to 235 meters, with a huge spire making up that extra height.

Although, Australia 108 will not hold this title for long, as there are already three larger skyscrapers currently waiting in the pipeline. This won’t make the top-story apartments any less desirable, with the Australia 108 level 100 penthouse having been sold off the plan to a Chinese businessman for a whopping $25 million.

Plans for the future

Certain Owner Corporation groups are working with Vietnam Veterans to have new plans overshadowing the Shrine suspended, with any new plans to be rejected outright. While it is unclear whether this will go ahead or not, it appears as though there will be much debate surrounding the many super towers currently being proposed.

The Australia 108 tower has not been suspended and construction has already begun on its foundation, with plans of completion in late 2020.